Music Theory and Musicology

Have you ever listened to a piece of music and wondered how and why it is put together? Music theory can give you the answers.

Studying music theory can give you the tools to understand how music of any style or era is built. Have you ever wondered why Rachmaninov’s music is so emotive? Or why ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked is so moving? By analysing the building blocks of music, you can gain a greater understanding of how to perform the music you love even better than you did before.

During my time at College, I developed an interest in music theory, and achieved my Grade 8 theory before going to University. While doing my undergrad, my interest in theory turned into a fascination, combined with musicology. While a student, I researched the influence of folk music on the compositions of Béla Bartók under the guidance of Stephen Downes, and collaborated on a study into the life and works of Gustav Mahler alongside internationally renowned expert Jeremy Barham.

I enjoy teaching theory and musicology to people of all previous experience – if you’ve never read music before or are working at an undergraduate level, I am happy to teach you and share my knowledge.

Music Tutoring:

I am a fully qualified and highly experienced secondary Music teacher, and have taught in both mainstream and independent sectors at GCSE and A level. I take pleasure in developing and improving an individual’s ability; raising their knowledge and understanding of Music, enabling them to be confident, successful learners.