Do you teach beginners?
Of course! The start of a musical journey can be the most exciting time! I teach children and adults of all ages. That said, unless your child shows particular aptitude or interest at an early age, I’d recommend waiting to start lessons until around the age of 6.

How do I pay for my lesson?
You can pay via cash or bank transfer at the time of your lesson. Alternatively you can use my online booking page which takes payment at the time of booking.

How often should I have lessons?
If you are looking to make consistent progress, I’d certainly recommend weekly or fortnightly lessons. To get the most out of your lessons it is vital to practice regularly – ultimately, you get out what you put in. Some people come for a one-off lesson for audition prep, others come every week to keep on top of their progress.

The train is late/I’ve got car trouble/I can’t make my lesson, how do I cancel?
If you can’t make your lesson for whatever reason, please contact me as soon as possible on so that I can still offer the slot to another student. However, if the cancellation falls within 48 hours of your lesson, then it will be charged at full price.

Please note, I have a cat at my home. She is hypoallergenic (for those who are allergic to cats like I am) and very friendly. If you’d rather not meet Eva then just let me know when you book and I’ll make sure she isn’t around to disturb our lesson.