Singing and Piano Lessons in Southampton

Natasha is a leading vocal and piano coach with over a decade of experience teaching in private schools, music hubs and organisations such as King Edward VI School and the National Children’s Choir of Great Britain.

She has helped thousands of musicians nurture their talent and inspired them to become the musician they have always wanted to be.

At the heart of her teaching philosophy is a basis in good technique and engaging lessons that will allow you to play with confidence, expression and artistry – be that vocally or on the piano. Whether that is improving your vocal range, strength and stamina or being able to nail those fast, intricate passages of Bach Fugues on the piano.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, adult or child, Natasha tailor-makes each lesson to the student, to ensure you get the best musical education for you.

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Natasha has been teaching for over a decade and has been studying music since the age of four. As well as achieving an honours degree in Music from Surrey University, she gained a PGCE from Buckingham University, making her a fully qualified teacher in any environment. This gives her a great understanding of teaching practice and student needs, as well as considerable musical knowledge. Her classroom experience also makes her a great tutor for any standardised examinations such as GCSE and A Level, as well as Music Theory.

She has studied voice with Gareth Henderson and Chris Johnson and piano under Valentina Seferinova, Clive Williamson and Emilie Capulet. Natasha has completed her BAST qualification and is currently working towards teacher accreditation with Vocology in Practice (ViP).